Using PicMonkey for Project Life Instagram Pics

This is a non-youth ministry post (but look in the comments section to see how you can use this feature for youth ministry flyers too!) As many of you know, I love me some Project Life and am a big PicMonkey Fan! I thought I would show all you Project Life and Instagram lovers how I use PicMonkey collage to print 3x4 Instagram pictures. They fit right into my Project Life page protectors.

First go to PicMoney and Pick Create a Collage

Under Layouts, Pick "Ducks in a Row" and choose 3 across. 

Next, Make Sure to Set Size to 2700 x 1200 

Need an easy way to get your Instagram pics downloaded and saved to your computer? Try Followgram

Under Background options (the artist palette)
 set spacing to ZERO. You don't want borders to mess up your PL sizes

Want Rounded Corners? Well PicMonkey does that too! Play around with the Corner Rounding tool under the background menu (the painters palette). 

All done. All set to print on photo paper on my HP printer, trim, and slip into my Project Life Album.  Want to print 3 picts on a 4x6 for a photo printer? See sizing options HERE


  1. I love using pic monkey! I use the "collage" feature to create flyers with separate spaces for pictures and information by filling in 2 spaces with pictures and 1 with a plain grey box. I "save" the picture, then pull it back up under "edit this picture" and add my text!

  2. That's a great way to make a flyer with the collage feature. Here is a PicMonkey sizing chart to change the sizes for your YM needs http://help.picmonkey.com/customer/portal/articles/633730-best-photo-sizes-for-printing


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