Family Devotions that Work (for us!)

     You might think having a youth worker mom and a middle school teacher dad equals amazing family devos. But nope, not so much. We are often too busy. I am lucky if the kids even have time to brush their teeth, much less family devos. With our family at church for Wednesday night Awana, Saturday service, and three Sunday services, we've been maxed out. My kids have so much Bible intake they can preach a lesson and simultaneously run A Minute to Win It game in their sleep.  Things have changed a bit. Recently, I was able to switch ministry jobs and am now working 10 less hours a week. With a little more time at home and my kids not at church as often, I wanted to revamp our family devos. Or more honestly, actually do them!

     How do we...those not boring Abbas' people make family devos work in our crazy busy home? We are able to make family devotions work for us. It's not awkward, forced, or remotely cheesy. Our family devos happen at the end of the evening after homework, dinner, baths, and Xbox. The kids gather on my bed and spend five minutes or less reading a page in their own age appropriate kids devotional book. If they were teenagers, I'd take them to the Bible bookstore and help them find one they love. I happen to be a fan of this one for teenagers.

     The kid friendly devos I picked for my kids are pretty cool. Each day assigns them a Bible passage to look up and read (Ipod Bibles allowed in our home!) and includes a short kid friendly story.  The story reinforces the Biblical theme, and ends with a dare for practical application. I picked up these from Amazon and my kids LOVE their books. Each day is an easy read, with one solid Biblical principle to focus on. The daily reading is designed in a creative kid friendly format, and in no way feels like homework.

     We wrap our time up in prayer. Each of us has a cheap composition journal from Office Depot with our name on the cover.  Beware of 8 year old's with ink pens! My new bed comforter has been marked up a bit. I recommend Crayolas instead.  I pass out the crayons and we write down each other's prayer requests with the date. I love being able to flip through the pages and follow up with the kids regarding their previous prayer concerns. Dad is usually down stairs playing video games (or doing dishes!), so we Voxer him for his prayer requests.  Are you wondering why dad is missing from the devos? Well Dad does the devos Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the kids and I do Monday-Thursday with Wednesday nights off due to youth group. We could do them all together, but for right now, we enjoy this routine. It gives each parent more down time to unwind in the evenings by taking turns with bedtime routines. When the kids were smaller, I really LOVED using these (there is a dad edition too!)


     Do you do family devos? How to you make it work in your family schedule? Any devotional book recommendations? 



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