PicMonkey for Youth Ministry

     I don't have the time, the patience, or the money to reign the world of digital design with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Someday I hope to be cool enough to accomplish a higher level of digital design skills. I have been dancing a jig in my office demonstrating my love for using PicMonkey  in youth ministry. Ever since one of my tech-savy interns (thank you Elise!) showed it to me, I have been swooning over this adorable little monkey.

I admit you must be a little industrious and clever to make it work for your ministry needs.  However, I've found PicMonkey to do most everything I need for youth ministry design.  Sending flyers home is an epic waste of time and paper, so MOST of the promotion pieces made on PicMonkey get uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, a webpage, etc... A few I print and have around. 

Here is a helpful tip for pulling off PicMonkey digital design awesomeness:

Tip: Make and save a blank canvas for all your future "PicMonkeying" around needs. 
Use the sizing chart found HERE and make a few blank canvases in the sizes you use most frequently. Upload a picture...ANY picture, even one of an ex-boyfriend. It doesn't matter because you will cover it
with a shape, and he will never be seen again. 

Use the Geometric shape square or rectangle overlay to cover your picture. 

Your picture should now look like this. 

Change the color of the shape to white and now you have a blank canvas. Make sure to save as
"BlankCanvas4x6.jpg" w/ the size in jpg or png format.
 Now go make a few in other sizes you need. I am sure you have more ex-boyfriends to cover. 
Here are some ministry flyers, a rough draft of a summer calendar I am working on, and a student info card all made on PicMonkey with my $200 Chromebook (someday I will get that MacBook Air!) 

Student Info Card Made on PicMonkey

Easter Flyer I made on PicMonkey
Photo used courtesy of Lava360 (It's on their Free Easter Background section)

Work In Progress Summer Calendar Using PicMonkey 


  1. Thanks for the sizing tips-that's always where I go wrong


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