Using Twitter and Pinterest for Youth Talks

     It's 9pm and the kids are in bed. Yay! An inviting brown fluffy sofa has won me over at the end of a jam packed day of balancing ministry and family life.  I LOVE sitting next to my awesome husband and catching up on TV together.  Our shoes are kicked off and feet propped up while hoards of zombies make their way across our tv screen. It's time to catch up on some Walking Dead. The multitask-er in me can not resist having my Chromebook resting on my lap as I scroll through my Twitter feed and simultaneously watch Zombies die. I love my Twitter feed! Twitter has proven to be a great way to not only stay current with what's trending, but to also find interesting stories for youth talks.

     If you are a youth worker (or a teacher like my husband) I highly recommend Twitter as a resource. Looking through my Twitter feed this evening I found some great stories, while still lamenting over the Bachelor's Sean Lowe not picking Lindsay at the final rose ceremony (#TeamLindsay). I know, life changing stuff there. As I scroll through Twitter and find this tweet from @Wetpaintmoms there is a story which looks promising. I click on the link to read the accompanying story.  Yup, file that one away for a youth talk.

     Now that you have a great story to use as an illustration in a future sermon or youth talk, you need to find a way to "file" it or save it for later. This is where the amazing and addictive Pinterest comes in handy! I can pin this article straight from my smart phone to a Pinterest board.  Yes, you can also use the "pin it" button on your computer's web browser to pin the story to a board. Click the little share icon on your phone, and then share it to Pinterest.  Make sure to have a Pinterest board to save it to. I call my board "Stories for Talks."

Click the share icon from your smart phone

Click Create Pin (make sure to install the Pinterest app)

Save to a Pinterest Board 
How do you find and organize stories for your talks?


  1. Hi Gina,

    I am currently taking online classes because I felt called to work in Youth Ministry. I am a 42 year old female and I am finding that women...well...they aren't as sought after as men are. So, I am curious--have you found it difficult to be in youth ministry as a woman? What are some of the challenges and how have you overcome them?

    Love your blog! I also enjoy Twitter...as well as FB and most social media outlets. I gather so many idea's from them all:)

    God bless!

  2. Thanks Heather for stopping by and commenting. God has been faithful to provide wonderful ministry opportunities. There are definitely challenges to being a female in youth ministry, but overall...it's been great! Poke around my blog and I think you will find a lot of my challenges on here. I have a writing project I am working on, so hopefully you can have that as a resource in the near future too.


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