Do you publish a Summer Calendar for your youth ministry?

Can you smell the sunscreen already? It's summer calendar time! Admittedly, summer calendars are a little too much program centric youth min 2.0, but haven't been able to ditch the annual Summer "menu" of student ministry offerings. Not yet positioned to move up to a 3.0 model of where we need to go. Parents, supervisors, and the 2.0 mom in me likes a handy dandy youth min calendar to slam on the fridge with a magnet. So here it is...(thanks to PicMonkey) a brand spankin new summer calendar for my youth group!

I love seeing what other youth ministries have on their summer calendars. So if you have one to share, please post a link in the comments. It's fun to see what other people do and how they design their calendars.  If you are much more advanced and dumped the "summer calendar" model of ministry, what do you do instead? What do you put into the hands of all the soon to be 6th graders or freshman coming into your ministry this summer? I am open to changing it up. I am not a "we've always done it this way" type of youth leader.

If you still put together a summer calendar, do you design your summer ministry calendar yourself or send it out? This is the first time in a long while I've put together a ministry calendar myself, and it took FOREVER! I almost wish I sent it to a designer to work on instead. But limited funds = do it in house and save a ton!  I admit, one teeny tiny personal challenge being a female and all....is making a calendar that isn't too girly. I utilized some fun Zombie blood splatter features on PicMonkey to help. Forget flowers and hearts. What's your summer calendar looking like?


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