Easter when you work at a church

     Easter dressed in our Sunday best is never as relaxing as Christmas morning in our soft flannel jammies.  A comical dance trying to gracefully (as opposed to yelling and screaming) make it out the door to church on time with girls in fancy dresses and one cool kid in a hoodie. "No chocolate donuts, no chocolate milk, let's keep those dresses clean," I command while trying to snap our annual curbside Easter pic in the driveway from my smartphone.  Two of three kids already sugared out on soft fluffy Peeps. Baby wailing after I pulled her milk bottle from her mouth for the picture. "Say Cheese!" So not happening.

     Rewind to Good Friday. My home church gives "Good Friday" off as a scheduled staff holiday. The reality of Easter prep when you work at a church is knowing Good Friday is never a holiday. Everyone on staff is too busy running around trying to get huge Easter services ready. If you are lucky, you can come in later than usual on Monday with a Starbucks double shot of espresso to get you through the post-Easter exhaustion. As exhilarating as Easter is, we all crash hard after it's over!

      My favorite part of Easter...after taking time to reflect on all Jesus did for us, and after 3 Easter services is the spiritual act of the 2 hour nap. The much needed nap which takes place after the feast of McDonald's chicken nuggets because you are too hungry and tired to cook anything. After the nap, is the gift of a free dinner made by someone else! We wrapped up Easter with a simple slow cooked dinner at my mom and dad's. A scoop of vanilla ice cream and a slice of pie. An Easter egg hunt for the kiddos (genius idea: hide empty eggs and the kids turn them in for candy after!) watched the Incredibles and time to call it a day!

     That was our Easter, how was yours?


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