Meal planning when you are barely home!

Planning family dinners when working full time w/ a family is definitely a challenge! Proof I am determined to be a crazy couponer and save my family a ton on groceries is hidden in the piles of Sunday papers accumulating in my garage.  The reality is I am too busy and too tired to sit down and cut all the coupons and get my grocery game on. So it's off to my favorite grocery store...Fresh and Easy!  If I could high five the store on my way in and way out I would. I love it that much! Instead of cutting coupons I take 5 minutes MAX and load their digital coupons to my phone and cut their weekly coupon out of my grocery circular and print an extra one from my email. I saved $17 in coupons alone, and another $10.97 in store savings.

Here are some of the EASY 1 minute meal prep meals on deck for the week:

Sunday morning muffins to eat on the way to church

 Sunday night Fresh and Easy Kitchen To Go
Pizzas for Dad to toss in the oven w/a salad
(I refuse to cook on Sunday nights!) 

And then the usual Spaghetti, Tacos, Mac N Cheese, Post-Easter Ham on Clearance to be enjoyed this week or when I get back from speaking at a camp in Ohio next week. 

Get more meal ideas here at Menu plan Monday


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