Do you cook on Sundays?

Do you cook on Sundays? My Answer=Nope! Sundays are by no means my Sabbath/Rest day with three church services, a Student Leader breakfast and a discipleship mentor lunch sandwiched before and after.  A great day of ministry followed by one well deserved  3 o'clock nap.  A tip for making busy Sundays work for me (with three kids in tow) and handling the meal time monster is the No Cook Rule! Sundays = No cooking. Here is how we handle a busy Sunday with little time or energy for cooking:
1) Breakfast 
Costco muffins and chocolate milk (kids) and Coffee (us) all set and ready to brew on a timer (got rid of the Keurig...6 cents VS 36 cents a cup!)  We buy a dozen muffins and keep them in the freezer. We defrost 4 of them the night before and they taste just as fresh!  I also put together 2 milk bottles the night before for the baby, making sure her diaper bag is well stocked.  In the morning I toss some frozen Capri Suns, cheese sticks, and frozen GoGurts into an insulated lunch bag for the kids. By third service they are starving and need a snack to fend off their ravenous hunger until we make it to lunch. Hungry kids=grumpy kids. I come prepared on Sundays! 

2) Lunch 
We try to eat out w/staff or students. It gets expensive, which can be problematic, but the time connecting 'with' people is priceless. The baby is usually tired and needing a nap so occasionally I have to bribe my 11 year old to chase her around (keeping her awake) while we finish up lunch conversations. It is also essential for the kids to have well charged electronics all set for Sundays too. The kids generally wait around for us quite often and the electronics (they each have an Itouch) help A LOT!!! There are oftentimes church related lunch events and meetings taking place on Sundays (free food is often thrown in!) and as a result,  our kids have long Sundays too!  Eventually we make it home before any major baby meltdowns and before our electronics die. 

3) Dinner 
After much needed naps, it's time to figure out what's for dinner (ready or not). My husband is MY Sunday meal time hero. If I buy something easy to fix for dinner, he is MORE than happy to be in charge of Sunday dinner. This evening I took the kids outside to play while he prepared our meal.  My secret is to buy pre-prepared meals. Currently my favorite store @freshandeasy has a huge Kitchen To Go selection of meals. Their Spaghetti and Meatball dinner (with FREE cheesy bread thrown in this week) cooks in the microwave for 9 minutes and DONE! The bread takes 12 minutes to heat up and is a huge hit with our family. With dinner on the table so easily (with no pots and pans to scrub) we have time to share our Sunday highlights and laughs over an ice cream sandwich. 

Do you cook on Sundays? How do you plan for meals and get your family to church each week? 


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