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     Back when I was a young 18 year old fresh out of high school grad, I did what all 18 year old's do. I cut the cord and moved up to the grown up table. I joined a small group. Not a college group, not a glorified young adult wanna be youth group, but a full fledged multi-generational small group. Sitting in a living room with men and women of all ages.  I was the youngest kid on the block, but I no longer felt like one. I enjoyed coffee, dessert, and sat in a cozy living room with other adults in the church. I felt so grown up and loved my small group! Several of them came to my wedding a few years later, when I wed my college sweetheart.

     My first real grown up "Small Group" was a great launching point into adult hood. I also learned a lot. It was back in the mid 90's "Experiencing God" craze. Those veteran youth workers might remember that one. The idea of Experiencing God is to find where God is already at work and join him in it. Simple enough, yet remarkably profound at the same time. Ever since the legendary Experiencing God small group I have made it a point to look around and pay attention to the fingerprints of God in my church, in the community, and in the world. I pay attention to what God is up to and seek to take part in those things. For instance, several adults in our church get together once a month to assemble 150 lunches to take downtown towards the end of each month (when many are out of money until their next welfare or disability check). Everyone is invited to help, so I wrote all the dates down on my calendar and began to invite students to join in. Helping the poor is always a God thing... so why not jump in? 

     Being (insert trendy church word here) missional without having to plan an extra event. I didn't have to hit up Costco and buy 150 granola bars, cases of bottled water and giant tubs of peanut butter. All I had to do was show up. Inviting students to partake in serving others and being like Jesus, when they could have been at home in their PJ's sleeping til noon. The teens I took along were (duh!! of course!) surprised at how a few hours of helping others could feel so good. After we handed out lunch, we prayed and had communion on the streets of San Diego along with anyone who wanted to join in. A powerful morning for us all. 

   After serving lunch to the homeless I took the students, along with some of our awesome volunteer staff and headed down to the bay for a relaxing lunch of our own. We debriefed the morning while enjoying the sun and bay-front of San Diego! I didn't have to plan a program or add anything new to an already over packed calendar. All I had to do was take a look at what God was already doing and bring some students along. What is God doing in your community?
Making lunches! 


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