Mom, my friend said girls can't be youth pastors.

     My daughter Jenna walked into the kitchen this morning while I was pouring her a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and with a look of concern on her face said, "Mom, Elizabeth* said girls can't be youth pastors." Clearly this is a hot topic, even with 2nd graders. I looked into her curious blue eyes and responded, "Well I am a youth pastor."  I continued to ask my second grader a few more questions.

    "Am I a girl?" She replied with a smile, nodding her head and answering me with a big "duhhh!" Pausing for a moment, I asked her "Do you remember Anna, the girl with dark curly hair in first grade?"  Guess what her mom is?"  She looked at me, trying to remember who Anna is.  I reminded her, "you know, my friend Tina's daughter. Her mom is a youth pastor and she is a girl." I can see her connecting the dots. We continued our chat over a bowl of cereal.  "My best friend Carmen, do you know what she is?"  Jenna replied, "A youth pastor!" She smiled ear to ear. Taking a sip of my coffee, I asked "You know Caitlin in Josh's 5th grade class? She belongs to my friend Christina, and guess what...she is a youth pastor too. What about Mariah (one of Jenna's favorite people), what is she?" "A youth pastor" Jenna said with a slight giddy squeal in her voice.

   The big question...just to be clear:
 "So Jenna, can girls be youth pastors?"  She looked at me eyeball to eyeball and said YES!"  Good girl! If girls are not to be youth pastors, there are sure a lot of us who didn't get the memo. If you want to be a girl in youth ministry, clearly there ARE churches with both men and women in leadership who DO hire women for youth ministry positions, and some might even call you a "Pastor."  I am so thankful to live and serve in a community with so many female youth pastors around (3 of us with kids in the same public elementary school!) and many friends to be a real life example to my 8 year old daughter of women serving as youth pastors (or coordinators or directors or female youth ministers or whatever the title!)

*Name changed to protect the privacy of the 2nd grader


  1. You go Jenna! And San Diego is certainly an incredible community of women using their talents for God!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Apparently only you and my mom read my blog. Ok not really....my Google Analytics tell me otherwise, but you love me enough to comment!!!!! Thank you friend!


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