Music and the Brain


     Cruising a favorite bookstore on the bay front in Seaport Village with my husband (on a romantic 15th anniversary date) and saw these books! Coffee and books with the guy of my dreams, what could be better? I was so excited to stumble across these books, especially when it's a subject I can't stop mulling over (more about that HERE) Music and the impact it has on our brain is undeniable. I have been thinking about this for awhile and can't wait to read these.  How can we effectively harness the power of music in youth ministry and in spiritual development?  Here is a great chart I saw on Scot McKnight's blog just yesterday too!

Music chart I found on Scot McKnight's Blog  article called Does Music Help Learning? 

Books on Music and it's impact on the brain and learning.  Do you have any favorites to add? 


  1. My husband is reading Musicophilia at the moment, he loves it!

  2. Youthleadergina6/08/2013

    I will have to pick up Musicophilla! I look forward to reading it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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