7 Ideas for using PicMonkey for Youth Ministry

Here I go again...raving about PicMonkey!!! It's time to check it out if you haven't already. I make ALL my flyers, ALL my web graphics, ALL my visitor cards, Student Connection Cards, jpg flyers for Instagram, and even our youth calendar with PicMonkey. Even though I would prefer using the Macbook Pro (my husband has dibs on it) I do all my digital design on a $249 Google Chromebook with the help of PicMonkey!! ooohh and make sure to add the Picmonkey extension to Google Chrome, it's life changing as far as graphic design goes in my book!

Here are 7 things you can do with PicMonkey. No Photoshop or expensive Mac needed.

1) Art for Church Website (on the Student Min Page)
PicMonkey gives you the option of saving as a PNG or a JPG which is handy if you are needing to have PNGS for websites. I want to make the student webpage look more fun and was able to design this "Sunday" (and a Wednesday one too) divider graphic between each section of text. Check it out HERE.

2) Instagram your promotion pieces  
I Instagram all of the flyers I make on Picmonkey. It's amazingly simple because PicMonkey saves your work as jpgs  (try the App #nocrop  for Instagramers!) How to 1) Email the jpg to yourself. 2) Open email on your smartphone and save the attachment to your gallery. 3) Use #nocrop to upload to Instagram. DONE!
Bonus: With Instafeed, you can turn your Instagram into Announcement slides to throw up onto the screen before and after your youth service.

3) Use for your Facebook Page
Use PicMonkey for your youth group Facebook page. Made the entire graphic with fonts, colors, banners and shapes available to me with  PicMonkey Royale.  I uploaded this graphic to our youth group Facebook page to promote our last Small Group of the school year.

4) For Postcards!
Send postcards in the mail (yes you can be old school sometimes and use the snail mail!) Students LOVE mail. Snag a cool graphic from Google Images (or legally from Flickr Creative Commons or a stock photo website) and add text, overlays or whatever ya want to "UP" the awesome factor. Need a graphic to come out GREAT and not pixilated? Use the size chart HERE 

5) Make a New Logo Slide for your Student Ministry!
We put this slide up on ProPresenter (or Media Shout or whatever ya use for Sundays) to show on the screens before service.

6) Make a youth calendar! Because ya can! See more about that here

7) Jazz up your own photo! 
Find a favorite youth group photo and make a promo piece out of it! One of my youth volunteers snapped this photo at Wednesday night youth group (it's tough living in California, huh?)  and I turned it into this baby...which is now on our church website! 

ALL of these handy dandy projects are made on PicMonkey! No Photoshop. No Mac (yup poor me!) Someday I'll get my own mac, but for now my husband has his and I am doing just fine with my $249 Google Chromebook.  


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