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I love to see what books other women in youth ministry are reading. A few months ago I reactivated my Audible subscription and wow...I've been able to read so much more often that way! Its amazing how much driving I do and how fast I can listen to a book. Here is a peek at what I've been reading lately. What's on your Summer reading list?

The Blue Parakeet-
 Written by Scot McKnight a New Testament scholar.  Friends recommended it to me and I am more than half way through it.  Awhile back,  I was going through a challenging situation in regards to my own limitations as a female youth ministry leader. Several people I respect said I had to read this book.  A friend (who is also a woman in youth ministry) said, "After reading this you might get angry. You might even quit your job."  I didn't wan't to quit my job or feel more upset than I already was! So I waited to read it until the situation was resolved. Definitely a good read for anyone who cares about women in ministry or interpretation and application of the "Blue Parakeet" passages in scripture. This book helped me to confidently move forward as a woman in ministry. See for yourself and let me know what you think!

The Volunteer Revolution- 
I love anything written by Bill Hybels, so this is a no brainer. Been on my "want" list for awhile. This book has been out for a long time, I don't know why I haven't picked it up already! It's on my queue to read after I finish Blue Parakeet. Who doesn't want to figure out how to unleash the power of volunteers in ministry?

Deep and Wide-
The BEST book I've read all year. If I were to sit and write my philosophy of ministry, it would be this book. It's like Andy Stanley read my mind and wrote a book about everything I've been thinking for so long. A must read for ANYONE in ministry. I listened to the audible version of this book during my commute, I kept yelling "yes....EXACTLY!" while I drove.  My husband pointed out from also listening to this book via Audible, Andy Stanley shares many REAL stories of his church experiences (both good and bad) through the years for our benefit. Tim (my husband) responded, "I bet those deacons in the church meeting didn't like being mentioned in the story he told at the beginning of the book." As a writer and blogger about REAL life as WOMAN in youth ministry, sometimes we have stories to carefully tell, so other's can benefit and learn from. But then again...Donald Miller warns of being too careful when writing HERE.  A delicate balance between truth and love. Real stories from real ministry. A great book!

Love Does
After hearing Bob Goff speak at the National Youth Worker's Convention last year, I was an immediate fan! I bought the book (he signed it too!) and downloaded the audio book for my family to listen to. My entire family are now Goff fans. My 11 year old asked if we can read another Bob Goff book. I think he is working on a new book.  I am being begged by my kids to sneak them into the NYWC  coming this fall to hear Goff. Since he is from San Diego (where we live!) we hope to run into him one day. Or maybe stop by his office on Tom Sawyer Island. An awesome book! When asked to help a recently divorced co-worker move, my husband and I looked at each other and said, "Love Does." Enough said. READ this one for sure! It's super practical and inspiring. I am a fan of practical.

Speaking of NYWC...I will be leading a seminar in both cities on being a woman in youth ministry. So if you are there...come say hi!

What We Talk About When We Talk About God- 
I read Rob Bell books. I don't have to agree with everything he writes...I find he has courage to ask tough questions and gets us to think. He is refreshing. So many people continually misquote or pull YouTube sound bytes off of the web to prove Rob Bell wrong. Sure, that's what LOVE DOES, right? Nope. After reading all of his books (I read Love Wins twice!) I find most people who are anti-Rob Bell have never actually read his books and frequently take his work completely out of context, or miss the point altogether of what he is really saying. The rebel in me loves to read Bell, and honestly he blows life into my dry, conservative, bored evangelical soul. He makes me think. And I am not arrogant enough to say I have it all figured out and am right about everything.  The book is good for those who love science, wrestle with doubt, and want to engage with smart people! We listened to this one with the kids too. My 11 year old kid who loves science and is a bit of a "brainiac" really liked the book! My favorite line..."Faith and Doubt are Excellent Dance Partners."


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