Target Dollar Section Gets Me Organized

Walking through Target can be dangerous! Especially a stroll through the dollar section. Look what I found! If you are at all like me, you just might have receipts galore smushed somewhere near the very bottom of your purse with cough drops and toddler Cheerios stuck to them. A receipt for high school graduation gifts and an 8th grade graduation luncheon are stuffed in your wallet. More receipts can be found laying on top of your dresser as well as receipts pinned to a bulletin board in your office.  When you come home and retrieve a diet coke from the fridge, there are several receipts hanging out on your refrigerator slapped under a Star Wars magnet.  Receipts are everywhere! Meaning they are NO WHERE to be found when you (finally) sit down to write an expense report because you have minus $5 in your bank account after purchasing a $5.75 double shot coffee light frappuccino with 1 pump of SFV (sugar free vanilla).  How does a busy youth worker mama stay organized? By walking through the dollar section at Target!!!

I found these handy dandy plastic coupon holders. I purchased a small one for receipts and a larger one for our weekly connection cards. On Sundays, every student has a pen and a connection card placed on their seat before service. We encourage them to fill it out as a way to 'let us know you are here' ( we have a check in system too) and 'let us know how we can be praying for you.'  Each connection card also has a spot for them to check off if they are new and if they want more info about any of our events.  There is always an action step on it which ties into the morning lesson. Connection cards are printed each week pertaining to each week's upcoming events and teaching theme.

A sample of a high school connection card

                                                A handy way to keep my receipts organized! 

How do you stay organized with all those pesky receipts???

Leave a comment and one lucky youth worker will get a handy dandy receipt holder mailed to them (purchased from my very own Target!) No rush...I will pick one winner in a week or two.


  1. youthleader emma6/13/2013

    I want one!

  2. Well thanks for commenting Sarah! I use a spreadsheet to track the cards (checking off what they want info on, if they are new, listing prayer requests etc....) And I organize them in the files by date (by Sundays) and put a check mark on them once they've been entered into my spread sheet.

  3. Randi Hom11/25/2013

    What check in system do you use? I am trying to find a way to do this, but our ministry is very small and I don't want the youth to feel like they're at school.


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