Embrace Change!

I made this framed art piece as a reminder to Embrace Change. The leaves remind me of change. Of Seasons. I was pregnant with Julia with all the nervousness and wonder of bringing baby #3 into the world. I wanted an attitude of "bring it" to whatever expected or unexpected blessings and opportunities came my way. Change has been good to me, even if uncomfortable at times. After I read Love Does, I welcomed change even more. I told my husband Tim of my yes goal. I am going to say "yes" as much as possible. It's my word for 2013. Yes. I want to be whimsical, daring, and embrace the adventures ahead. Giving up control. So off to the adventure of summer camp with a bunch of high schoolers. In a hot church van with broken air conditioning. Adventure doesn't mean comfortable, does it? "Wanna go on the zip line with me?" Ummm...yes!!!


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