Good News in MY neighborhood part 2

After my last blog post inspired by THIS "Good News in the Neighborhood" curriculum...I am more than EVER committed to walking my hood! 

The very act of leaving our house and taking a stroll through our neighborhood with "eyes wide open" continue to reveal MORE and MORE practical ways to BE good news here in the neighborhood.

Just yesterday look what I saw...

A neighbor (and mom of 3!) has a husband home from a long military deployment. Time to bake some cookies!

photo courtesy of Rambling rosez

Five doors down, parked in front of a recently available home was a moving truck...new neighbors moving in. Time for a welcome platter of cookies too! Little, ordinary, and small opportunities to show hospitality in my own neighborhood. When you walk around and pay attention, it's easy to find simple and timely ways to hit our own streets with acts of kindness and love. Being good news.
Photo Courtesy of  netmonkey

"I have found that it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness & love." ~ Gandalf

On an unrelated note: 
For all you Lord of the Rings Fans...here is a fun game you can screen shot and use for an awesome game for high school youth group! It's a quiz...Mumford and Sons Lyric or Gandalf quote? Ha ha. Love it!


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