Hospitality Plan Part 2

How many times do you have the-not- in- the- worship- band Student Leaders show up and the only thing we tell them to do is "help stack chairs and welcome new people."  Duh. Yeah. We finally moved beyond that in our Student Ministry with some wonderful tweeks to our Sunday morning youth services.  Here is one easy example you can implement ASAP (unless you are way ahead of the game, and already do this!) This morning at church I was able to hand our S-Staff (student leaders) these handy dandy checklist to help them!  All credit goes to my friend and colleague Mariah who got this started here in our Student Ministry .

Here is a sample of two check lists we have for the those serving at the welcome table on Sunday mornings.

When I hand these checklist to our student staff, they feel so "in charge" and take their ministry very seriously. I sometimes have to remind them (halfway through the service!) "you can come sit down now" because they are worried someone might walk in late and not be properly welcomed. I LOVE these check lists! We are developing others for our program team.

We use Planning Center to schedule our student worship band and our S-Staff serving slots. We love Planning Center! Especially to print a flow for the morning, so everyone on our team knows the line up for the morning and "order of service." I can also attach my ppt slides and videos straight to planning center and our media team can download everything before I even get there on a Sunday. Planning Center is a worthwhile investment!

How do you best utilize and direct students into ministry opportunities on a Sunday morning?


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