When guys hit on female youth workers

I have a colleague who loves her coffee, is a fab friend and is also a female youth pastor. She is in her twenties (fun AND gorgeous) and recently came home from a week at Summer Camp with the Middle School Ministry she leads. Since she is a newlywed with some serious BLING on her finger, she opted to leave OFF her wedding ring set for the entire week. She kept her bling safely at home with her husband. She didn't want to risk losing her priceless wedding bands in a mud bowl or getting it flung off during some seriously intense kajabe can-can. She did have some cheapo..."hey is that a purity ring?" type of thing on her finger. This unfortunately gave single male youth workers some glimmer of hope that she was available. Fat chance buddy.

You wouldn't believe the number of guy youth workers who hit on her or invited her to coffee to "talk more about youth ministry" So...yup if you are SINGLE and a female youth worker chances are you WILL get hit on!!! Sometimes even when you are married...some day let me tell you my story about the youth group dad who kept touching my hair (years ago...) or a former youth worker I knew who randomly showed up EVERYWHERE I was (even though he knew I was married!).

I asked one of my single youth worker friends Heather Lea Campbell (who has her own share of hilarious stalker stories) to write a guest post about this topic!  I will be posting that up this week, so stay tuned!!!!

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