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My favorite tweet of the week from @LoveDoes:
Most of the things I say I don’t have enough time for, I really don’t have enough love for. @LoveDoes

I have a vivid memory of an old high school friend whom I was really close to. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding. Being the ridiculous newlywed I was at the time, I completely let our friendship slide. Spending ALL my time with my new husband and forgetting to cultivate the friendships in my life. It was back in the send real letters in the mail type of days. No one emailed much and text messaging wasn't even a thing. I used to send her an occasional letter and a birthday card and a Christmas card once a year. I finally realized her family had moved and I wasn't too sure if she ever received any of my correspondence.

Eventually (years later!) I tracked her down...she had married and moved somewhere amazing. Italy I think. One of my youth group girls is the niece of her brother's wife. Need a diagram yet? I discovered she was living a fun exotic life in a foreign country.  We finally connected via email a few years back. After exchanging a couple of friendly emails and updates,  she eventually wrote....

"It would be great to see you when I come into town. I am very busy with family and friends. I am not sure I will have time to get together." 

Ouch. I didn't even fall into the friend category. Distant memories of high school sleep overs, getting ready for our Sr. prom, lunches on the quad and the yummy Lebanese food her grandmother cooked when I came to visit. Knife through the heart. The final end of a friendship... which ended long before the email (probably when I didn't make ANY TIME for her in my Newlywed days).

Insert above tweet....Most of the things I say I don’t have enough time for, I really don’t have enough love for.

So what does living out love really look like?

 It's this....time! Saying we love, or we care, or our friendship matters...is one thing. It's in the doing where love resides.  (That's why Love Does is one of my favorite books!) Living out the way of Jesus. 

It's easy to stay in our safe little bubbles. Easy to sleep in on a Saturday morning and sit at the breakfast table sipping coffee and playing candy crush. Being lazy while the kids watch the Disney channel or hog the Xbox all morning. That's not a bad way to enjoy a Saturday. Yet, it's all too easy to forget to get up early and hang out with Jesus or too easy to neglect a friendship because we are busy or distracted by our own shadows.

In our family and youth ministry we talk a lot about being others focused. We talk about loving the poor. Caring for the brokenhearted. Realizing how life giving it is to us and to others to get out there at least one Saturday a month to serve. To use our resources and our hands and feet to meet needs here in our own city.

Picture (above) My toddler serving the homeless with our youth group teens. "Walking" the streets of downtown San Diego and hanging out with Jesus...engaging her community! You should have seen all the waves and pats on the top of the head she received from the homeless men and women.

It's when we make an effort to crawl out of bed with our family and students to serve the poor where love can be found. It's where we actually bump into Jesus on the street or stumble into his unswerving love and grace as we Live Out Love. Are you making time to get up early and serve or do something entirely others focused? Because if we don't its all too easy to stay in our pjs and over indulge in sugary breakfast cereal as we forget to be Good News in the Neighborhood.  

Josh (my middle schooler) and Jenna handing out goodies and snacks to homeless men and women with our church 

We made the News! We were there on the streets with our church and youth group handing out food this past Saturday.  The news feature is about Girl's Think Tank who happened to be there on the same day handing out back packs, but we made a few second segment too! My kids are over the moon to enjoy a few seconds on tv. 

See here: 
KUSI.com - KUSI News - San Diego CA - News, Weather, PPR


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