Middle School Small Groups How I LOVE you!

Yes. It's that time again...or maybe you've been going awhile already all you over achievers (like those with youth groups on a year round school schedule....ewww). But for many of us out there, middle school small groups kick off again post Labor day. Like this week or next. So I thought I'd help ya out a bit and share some of my own small group prep files with you.

You know...those small group manuals, training material and small group prep living in my Google drive. Most of it is a work in progress and has been put together collaboratively by taking (borrowing) tips and tricks over the years from a variety of places. Some of it I don't even like all that much anymore and some of it I LOVE and it keeps getting better and better. Each year continually revamping our small group launch. If you simply need somewhere to begin, or want to see what other youth groups have done, you will enjoy the price of FREE to peek into my youth min hard drive. Edit, change, delete, laugh at it, or do what ya like.

In case ya haven't heard... I am beginning a new position (and moving from San Diego!) as the 7/8 Middle School Pastor on the Mars Hill student ministry team (the female pastor friendly one).  I predict much of my middle school material will be re-vamped for a new context (and they have their own amazing stuff already!) with more freedom (woot woot) to focus on long term faith development and a thoughtful teaching arc to integrate from birth through adulthood.

Here are the freebies:

1) A Small Group Leader Training Prezi Presentation 
I made this for a Leader's Meeting last year.  Everyone has a training manual I walk them through and a pen to take notes. The Prezi keeps me on track, gives me visual reminders (I am very visual!) to remember what I want to talk about. I deleted all the pictures of my students to protect their privacy.

Note: The idea of youth ministry being FOR and WITH students comes from one of my favorite youth ministry authors (and theologian) Andrew Root.  If your calling is to be with and for students (because God is with and for them!) I HIGHLY recommend his books. Like download right now to your Kindle and you can send me a thank you note later.

If you use/edit this Prezi, you can add your own youth group picts to jazz it up. It's a little boring without the photos but you get the idea.


2) The link to my Google Drive to see My Small Group Files...
Click HERE
I have no idea if you can download them or simply view them, so if you want me to email anything to you, let me know. I am happy to share. I use Google Docs (it's free!) to make most of my material instead of MS Word. If you have trouble viewing my files, open in Google Docts.


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