Questions from #ymwomen and a BOOK!

I  smile and dance a jig and yell "whoo hoo" when I open my email or Facebook and see a message from fellow #ymwomen.  MANY female youth workers find my blog and suddenly realize "hey I am not alone!" or  discover the call of youth ministry to not diminish even in the midst of life's transitions. I get so MANY great questions and comments from women in youth ministry everywhere. I am blown away by it. I get  Questions and comments like...

  • "How can I get a job in youth ministry? I keep getting turned down because I am not a man!" (side note: I've {Gina} NEVER been unemployed as a youth worker...so clearly gender doesn't have to be a set back at all!) 
  • "How can I do youth ministry with an infant?" 
  • "I don't know ANY female youth workers where I live." 
  • "How can I volunteer in youth ministry after I have kids?" 
  • "How can I relate to the guys in my youth group?" 
  • "Don't get me wrong, I love kiddos, however I do not believe women should only work in ministry with children. Any thoughts ladies out there?" 
  • "My maternity leave is ending,  how do I not suck at youth ministry and at being a mom when trying to do both. Help!"
  • "Am I too old for this?"
  • " I am trying to homeschool my kids and stay in youth ministry."
  • "Am I being payed fairly or being taken for a ride because I am a girl?"  
  • "I am bi-vocational...my husband and I do this for practically nothing and wish it was full time" 
  • "What jobs can I get with a youth ministry degree?" 
  • "How do I know if I am called to youth ministry?" 
  •  "How do you lead men well?" 
  • "How do I balance ministry and family?" 

and many more....

So here is where I need your help. If you have a question or a topic you want to see discussed, ya know about being a female in youth ministry...shoot me an email or leave a comment. I am writing a book. Yup a real--gonna- be -published -in -2014-BOOK!  The book is going to be practical. I am a huge fan of practical.  If you've ever wondered if YOU can be in youth ministry as a female for the long haul (through all of life's transitions-even when ya don't wear TOMS, skinny jeans or Ray-Bans or feel cool anymore) than this book is for you.  If you've ever felt discouraged in your journey as a #ymwoman or 
wondered if it's your life long calling, than you are going to love this book! 

Many of  the emails and messages I've been getting in my inbox will get addressed (indirectly...it's not a question and answer book) You will get lots of "in the trenches" advice from my life as a female in full time youth ministry. I look forward to sharing stories we can all laugh at and relate too.  Like getting diarrhea at Disneyland (while leading a youth group trip there!) or pumping breast milk on a church bus.  Or being the designated distributor of female hygiene products.  Or being asked if you are the youth pastor's wife. Or getting a gift card for admin assistant's day (#epicfail #really?) 

I've been a volunteer in youth ministry. I've been an intern. I've been paid and unpaid. I've been para-church, big church, small church, and mega church. I've been called a "coordinator" and a "pastor". I've worked where we sprinkle and where we dunk.  I've been in youth ministry as a hip and single 20 year old and now as a mom of 3 and almost 40 year old (37 to be exact....I know you were wondering). 

I've worked where I've been forbidden to drink or get a tattoo (Southern Baptist). I've been served margaritas out of a gas can at a welcome to church staff party (go Presbys!) I've been at a super conservative church (where they love Awana,  Mark Driscoll and Dr. David Jeremiah) and I've been progressive (where Nooma videos, wine, and Fuller Seminary are acceptable).  I've been a skinny youth leader and a fat one (too much pizza in youth ministry) and back to healthy youth pastor again (thanks Weight Watchers!) I know what it feels like to be Left Behind or to work where Love Wins

 So yup, I think I know what I am talking about (-:  And I think we can be friends. I get you. 

and in case I don't...I've got lots of friends who have also done this female in youth ministry thing really well and I will be picking their brains too. I work with the most awesome guys in youth ministry EVER who can give some great advice for those guys we do youth ministry with.  So excited! Oh yeah...and moving to Michigan too! 


  1. HeatherLeaCampbell9/11/2013

    Who is excited? THIS WOMAN IN YOUTH MINISTRY! :)


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