How to be insanely organized for small groups

I have a few quick “wow that was easy” small group prep ideas for you to totally steal. Ideas for being organized with things like Small Group Attendance Rosters, Permission Slips, Visitor Cards, etc. You will love it. I promise!

So basically...I have worked over the years with some of the most organized admins ever and continue to do so here in Michigan.  I guess organization is what makes a great admin, huh? Keeping all of us creative types organized! After a dozen or so years of running small groups in large church settings, I love finding new and smarter ways of doing things. Which is why I love visiting other churches or chatting with other youth workers (like at a Campference where you can REALLY talk with other youth workers) or by working with really smart people. My best ideas almost always come from chatting with other people.  

I stole some super helpful Small Group (Organizational) ideas from the smart people I work with and wanted to share their ideas with you. 

Awesome Idea #1

Really Useful Plastic Storage Boxes Like THESE!!! 
Forget trying to assemble some awkward piece of Ikea furniture or wasting precious wall or student ministry space with bulky "In-Boxes" that get filled with candy wrappers and copies of lessons from 6 months ago. I like the idea of "in-boxes" for Small Group Leaders but they never seem to be that useful. More like magnets for clutter instead. 

So... how about these baby's instead!!??? Geeze this would have been helpful to have like 5 years ago. Genius! Plastic storage boxes like these for each of your Small Groups. Here is our stack of 7/8th grade Life Group Leader Boxes.  

Inside are things like... 
  • This weeks attendance roster
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • 3x5 cards for prayer requests or questions
  • and any supplies or hand outs Life Group Leaders may need for the night. 

At the end of the night...these get returned to the Welcome Center and replenished by our team for the following week. So no you won't find candy wrappers or lessons from last year inside of them! 

Awesome Idea #2 
Boxes and File folders all set 3 days before we even have program!!! 

Our 5/6 (Fifty6) stuff on the left and( the.element)  7/8 stuff on the right
 Yup...we are organized. Ya know you are jealous. 

Each Thursday before I head out for the weekend (the office is closed on Fridays) I look over on the desk next to mine and magically find all of this stuff all set (like completely ready!) for Sunday night. Most of this stuff  (actually all of it) is for the welcome table.  I swear a magical admin fairy lives in a cubicle here. 

Here is what is in the boxes/files:
  • File folders organized by grade and life group leader names for me and the 5/6 pastor to put attendance/registration cards into (after we collect them from leaders). 
  • Name tags 
  • Sharpies
  • Registration cards all stocked up for our welcome table. 
  • Binders organized by grade and Life Group w/Rosters (with student contact/emergency info) so we can quickly add new students to groups or locate which group someone is in.  Or find a phone number on the fly when a parent is 20 minutes late for pickup. 
  • Any sign up sheet we might need. 
  • Cameras to take picts of new kids for our database program. 
  • A schedule/flow sheet of the night to hand life group leaders. 
  • Any extra flyers or papers to hand out to leaders or parents. 

I work with really organized people. I love them. They are awesome. 


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