Women in Youth Ministry Seminar

Did you make it to the National Youth Worker Convention? It was SO much fun! If you missed my Women in Youth Ministry seminar, the audio is available.  Although I did not love the name "Help I am a Woman in Youth Ministry" for the seminar [sounds too weak and fragile], I did LOVE the opportunity to share stories and advice for #ymwomen. MUCH of the seminar revolved around many of the questions and emails I get asked almost every week by other women in youth ministry.  Here is a link to the handout and a link to an audio of the seminar you can purchase from YS if ya want.

I loved getting the opportunity to hang out with #YMWOMEN and to hear your stories and challenges. A few common themes that keep coming up as I chat with women in youth ministry are:
2) Being taken seriously when you are young and female
3) Being labeled as "overly emotional" because of gender
4) Being included with the guys
5) Managing life/family/ministry
6) Getting a YM Job (a good one)
from Group Salary Survey 2012 

What would you add to that list? 

What resources are helpful for you as a women in youth ministry? One book I would definitely add to my list of resources (as a MUST read) is Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (COO at Facebook) and this video to watch and talk about in regards to the double standards we often struggle with. It is an interesting video.

And guess what? We sold our house! Made NOTHING off of it but at least we don't have an expensive California mortgage hanging over our heads anymore. My husband will be able to join me here in Michigan! YAY!  Getting my 3 kids to bed tonight was torture. It was almost 10pm (bed time is 8:30pm!) and they were still yelling, screaming, crying, asking for water, etc...etc...Oh my goodness if I had alcohol in the house I would have hid in the closet with a glass of wine. But nope. I poured water into a wine glass to trick my head into pretending I am feeling chill and calm. Kind of like drinking decaf. It's not working.


  1. David Grant12/17/2013

    Gina, thanks so much for the post. I'm shocked and saddened by the salary difference. A question, are we sure that is for FULL time positions? Before I go on a rant I want to make sure I fully understand the data.

  2. David, I am working on verifying that with the most recent Group Salary Survey (which seems to have vanished from the internet!) With many recent conversations with female youth pastors, I am finding MANY women are paid part time when their male counterparts are paid full time. The guys more often get the "full time" gig because they (the men) are the "provider" of the family. Some women have told me they are paid part time by their churches because they have husbands "who provide" for them. I worked briefly with a church who had an excessive amount of female staff because they could pay them less than a guy and offer them part time jobs. This (kind of) worked well for the ladies, who are all mothers who wanted to have a flexible schedule and work less hours. The only problem is many of the ladies work WAY more hours than they are actually paid for. All the women had husbands with jobs and benefits, and willing to work for a lot less than if the church hired men. So either way...women don't get the fair pay and opportunities they deserve.


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