Why you need this in your office!

I am in love with the Life Group leader board I made which is hanging up in my office. An idea originally inspired by the creative and talented Elle Campbell over HERE.  I want to give you the 411 on how I took her idea and made it work for me...within the confines of a cubicle and  5 really good reasons why you should do this too! 

Here is what I did: 
I took a glass board already hanging up in my office space and taped on our Middle School Life Group leader profile cards. These are cards we make each year to mail out to all of our parents in a parent packet introducing them to their son or daughter’s LifeGroup leader. These cards are included in a nice packet with other info about our ministry (a fantastic idea by the way!). You NEED one of these leader boards in your office space and here is why:

1) Learn names and faces.
If you have a larger youth ministry with 30 or more volunteers, it can take a little bit of time to learn everyone’s names and faces. I’ve only been on staff at Mars Hill for 6 months, so this leader board is REALLY helpful.

2) See where you are under staffed.
I have all the leader profile cards sorted by grade and by LifeGroup. I can quickly see where a hole exists that I need to fill. If a leader is missing a co-leader, I am reminded of that daily!! I can also look ahead. By taking a glance at my leader board I can see 2 things very quickly. 1) I can look at the 8th grade leaders and predict who will likely be moving up to the high school ministry with their students. 2) I can see who I might be losing soon due to school (as in a high school leader graduating or a college student moving somewhere). The “visual” reminder of  Life Group leaders every single day keeps staffing needs in front of my face and in my mind.

3) Track RSVP’s
Those annoying RSVPS that we really need for Trainings, Special Events, who is coming to camp as a leader. Ya know all of those mandatory (or wanna be mandatory) things we encourage (or beg) leaders to attend. I am a visual learner and this system of tracking RSVP’s is awesome. Using colored post it notes help me to quickly tag my those “yes” RSVP’s and the dreaded “NO's" we sometimes get.  I can also see who hasn’t responded so I can call them.

Here are my RSVP’s for an event we are hosting this weekend with Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean, author of Almost Christian from Princeton Seminary. I know exactly who is or isn’t coming and why...it’s all right there!

4) Contact and Care made easy.
Their phone #, Email, and address is easy for me to see (these cards stay in my office...so no 3,000 plus people do not walk by leader's personal information everyday). I don’t have to log in to some church database to look up their address if I want to send them a card or place a phone call to them. I turn around and BAM it’s all there.

5) Prayer. I can see these lovely faces as I pray for them. 
If someone leaves our ministry team or is having a tough time, I move their picture over to the front of my desk, practically hanging over my computer.  I can keep them close in prayer. 

I LOVE my leaderboard so much and thankful to Elle for her awesome idea for me to use in my own way, in my own space, for more effective pastoral care of my team of leaders. 


  1. Gina, great tip. I seen something similar on Elle's blog too. I wanted to ask about the leader packs you mentioned you guys send out to parents. Could you share all you guys include in that packet? The other question is on the glass you used where did you order ? How did you hang it on the wall ? Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Brandon for commenting. I found a glass board here like the ones we have. I love it because I love writing on it and the glass looks nice! The parent packet..if you email me your address I can send you a sample. youthleadergina@gmail.com http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/office-school-supply/boards/wall-mounted/the-board-dudes-13604ua-1-glass-dry-erase-board-72-x-36-unframed


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