Moving on Up

It's that time of year...where we think about transitions, graduations, and students moving up or moving out of our student ministries.

Here are some ideas for how to pull off a great season of "welcome" and strategically transition students into your student ministry. 

Four Ideas for you:  

1) Look at what local schools are doing to transition students from elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school. This can stir up some good ideas to adapt from. Here is a Moving Up to Middle School flyer that a local public Middle School (grades 7/8) sent home with 6th graders who are attending our k-6 school. 

2) Ask other churches what they do. Sharing ideas always sparks new ideas. SHARE!! 

Let me give you a few ideas of things we've done here...

We do things such as video segments (or sometimes live segments) of "Fun With Real Pastors" or "Two Wild and Crazy Pastors." These crazy antics are largely inspired by Jimmy Fallon, as all good youth ministry should be, right? We capture our student pastors doing some really bizarre fun things. You know...bite sized segments of fun. This is a great way keep elementary, middle school, and high school pastors faces in front of students who will be moving up.

Our high school ministry also films segments with staff pastors for our older students to identify (and warm up to!) the people they see around here leading different ministries. Because nothing is more lame than students who graduate and have no idea who any of their pastors are outside of the student ministry department. 

We also do summer kickoff [welcome] type picnics...with all the messy fun of inflatables, pie in the [leaders] face, and food fights [just don't get kicked out of any parks]
3) Plan Ahead-  Look at your "moving up" day and work backwards 6 months to start strategizing and thinking through your transition/communication plans.

4) Evaluation time 
Important: Make sure to document on Evernote or your in your Google everything you did so you can look at it next year. Record your post-evaluation. You and your team will have a much easier time remembering all the event details/feedback and reminders from year to year. Like...gee how many donuts did we order last year? How many parents showed up? What could we have done better?

Your turn...
What do you do for transitioning your students into or out of your ministry? Share! 


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