Youth Ministry Needs Moms

I walked by diaper bags and an infant car seat this past Sunday. I had to stop, take a look and smile. Why? Because these adorable diaper bags and the car seat sat next to the youth room door. The baby gear belongs to youth group ministry volunteers. Women who had babies and continue to serve in student ministry as small group leaders. Women who continue to love on teenage girls and in turn have a ton of teen girls loving back (x10) on these babies. 

Babies who sit on the floor in the back of youth group. Babies teenagers beg to hold and play peek-a-boo with. Babies who get their own fan club and cheering section. Sure it can be difficult at times and occasionally distracting to have infants hanging out with teenagers during youth group programming. I would ask...isn’t it a huge inter-generational win when teenagers, adults and babies worship together? When families continue on in ministering to teens, even when babies come along. New moms and new dads serving in student ministry who now take on a whole new level of “family ministry” opportunities.

We model with our lives and with our time that students matter to us, even when our life changes. Teenagers minister to us by loving our kids. Teenagers become big sisters and brothers to our own flesh and blood. Teenagers become an extra set of hands and an extra set of eyes looking after our little ones who are about to eat their 4th donut because mom didn’t notice or keep them from messing with those too tempting knobs on the sound board. Teenagers who hold our kids when they cry or lift them high into the air to grab a balloon that got stuck on the youth room ceiling. Students who hold our little ones on their laps during a beach bonfire. Who is doing the real youth ministry here?

I realize some need to take a break and make self-care and family time a priority before stepping back into student ministry. Especially if you work full time and need more time at home with your own kiddos. Yet, for those who continue on and don't take a break or stop serving once "baby" arrives the rewards are great. Deep, rich, and full opportunities to care for teens as we step forward into all life's changes [and baby blessings] with our students alongside of us.


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