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I am fortunate enough to be a middle pastor. Sometimes I feel more like a middle school mom. Students run up to me asking for bandaids, showing me their loose tooth, and later freaking out because said loose tooth came out. Screaming because the loose tooth is in their mouth smothered under a giant bite of a Klondike Bar. Younger middle school girls come up to me giving me hugs and showing me their clay creations made out of sculpting clay as we chat about Jesus healing a blind man with mud+saliva. Boys want to dump water on me, and I should let them. But I was wearing white shorts on a warm summer day. Next time I will. I promise. I will also refrain from wearing mascara to summer youth group. Thankfully, my co-ministry pastor is always more than willing [and well prepared] to run around and receive an abundance of middle school "let me dump endless amounts of water on you love"

I love being a middle school pastor. And one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is getting to hang out with other middle school pastors and volunteers.  People who "get" what it's like to hang out with an 11 year old who hasn't hit his growth spurt yet standing next to the 13 year old who looks like she is old enough to be one of your youth interns. One of my favorite events for youth workers and volunteers who work with middle schoolers is the Middle School Campference. I wrote more about that here: 

I met one of my favorite new friends there, Anna a middle school youth volunteer who lives 2 blocks from my house. We had never met before the Campference.
You should totally come to the Campference this year if you work or volunteer with middle school students. Plus...Have you seen the speaker lineup?  It's AMAZING! I am sooooo excited. Why come to the Campference?
  • Customized learning about Middle School Ministry
  • Conversations with people who understand you
  • Rubbing shoulders with JH Ministry vets and experts
  • Worship
  • Laughter
  • Dialogue 
  • Ziplines and skeet shooting and nature and camp food and silliness and lip syncing and late night secret sharing and rest

What's the only place you can experience every single one of those in one weekend?
The Middle School Ministry Campference, of course. Come join with your tribe.

Here's what a few of last year's attendees had to say:
The MSMC is like getting one-on-one training focused on Middle School Ministry all day long. From the speakers on stage to the person sitting next to you, every person brings it at the MSMC. Every time you start a conversation you know it could be the best one of the weekend.

It's unlike any other youth ministry conference. Not only do you get great content, but the laid back camp atmosphere creates a great environment for building relationships with other middle school youth workers.

Middle School Ministry Campference isn't about all the hype and pizzazz of other conferences. It's about being together with the strange creatures that Middle School Pastors are. It's not about showing you creative things; it's about inspiring creativity in all of us. The connections that you make here are 1000x better and more useful than the handful of notes you'll take anywhere else and never look at again.  Honestly, if I had the choice between Campference and any other conference, I'd choose this every time.

Sign up now to get  the Early Bird price
Registration, including LODGING AND ALL MEALS at these great rates:
$320 – Early Bird Single Registration (register by June 30, 2014)
$295 – Early Bird Group Rate, per person (groups of 3 or more, register by June 30, 2014)

As added Early Bird perks, The Youth Cartel is throwing in more than $50 of extra goodies, 
- Good News in the Neighborhood ($25 value)
- Viva – Genesis ($5.99 value)
- and, a super-awesome mystery goodie bag of cabin munchies waiting for you at the Campference ($15 value)


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