Not a fat youth leader (again)

This past winter killed me. Like stay inside, don't go to Zumba. Don't move around. Cancel your gym membership because your husband quit his job so you can say yes to your dream job. You are youth ministry poor and can only afford $5 pizzas and Costco hotdogs. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but lets say we didn't eat well these last few months.  I actually LOVED my first Michigan winter because SNOW is still a novelty.  It's snowing...yipee was my usual response. Beautiful glistening white everywhere. I loved it, yet am really thankful summer is here! I need some watermelon and strawberries and sunshine. And Exercise.

This past winter meant baking cookies and drinking lots of Peppermint Mochas. I've learned a midwest winter also means high calorie cheesy warm casseroles. And then there is the whole youth ministry thing. If you are a youth worker like me, you know that youth ministry means we make sure every ministry event and meeting revolves around food. Lots of food. Yummy delicious food. Oh youth ministry, why do you make me fat? Lunch meetings. Volunteer dinners. Coffee meetings. Breakfast meetings.

Youth ministry aside, I ALWAYS gain winter weight. Even in San Diego. I am a sucker for all things sweet. I like food. I am not going to lie.  For me, partaking in junk starts back up around Halloween and takes no break thanks to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Super Bowl, and Valentines Day. The holidays bring so much deliciousness my way. By the time March rolls around it's time to gasp at my reflection in the mirror and get back to my better eating ways.

Thanks to a summer Weight Watchers [3 months for half price] sale and a friend saying "yes" to going with me, I am back to weekly Weight Watchers meetings. It is my go to slim down plan and works EVERYTIME! It feels good to be back in summer weight loss mode.  Whether you want to get in shape, or lose weight, the accountability of going to the gym or to a Weight Watcher's meeting with a familiar face makes it so much easier to follow through.  I am much more motivated to show up and face the scale because I know someone is there counting on me to show up. I know I will sit next to someone I know and I will get to exchange tips, recipes, success, and challenges with a friend who will keep me accountable.

The beauty of relationships, church community, and consistently doing life "together" makes accomplishing things like losing weight and being brave enough to show up and weigh in much more likely to happen. When losing weight alone...no one knows if I "skip just this one week" which always turns into two or three or 6 months. Similar to students showing up time and time again to our youth programs, it's the promise of "I'll be here next week" from a familiar leader or friend that helps students say "yes" to showing up when it's often so much easier to stay home. Why get out of your PJ's or "cookie pants" and get to a meeting or youth ministry small group? Because someone is waiting for me there. Someone is hoping I show up. Someone saved me a seat.  

Doing things together matters. It makes a difference. 

Week 1
After week one down (we just started) I lost 2.8 pounds this week and ready to keep at it!


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