It's Book Release Day!

It's book release day and the Abbas household is celebrating. For the many of you who ask me, Facebook message me, email me or pull me aside to ask questions such as...

  • Can Girls be Youth Pastors? [the answer is YES by the way] 
  • How do I relate to the guys in my ministry? 
  • Volunteering in youth ministry after having a baby. 
  • No one respects me because I look too young...what to do? 
  • Do I need to get a youth ministry degree? 
  • I am feeling youth ministry friendless...how do I find friends in youth ministry?
  • I was boycotted for being a girl. 
  • How to lead when you are an introvert. 
  • How to lead when you are not afraid to take charge and called "abrasive" or bossy. 
  • Handling conflict or failure. 
  • Leading in conservative environments. 
  • Leading in egalitarian environments. 
  • Boundaries. The good. The bad. 
  • Can you get a REAL job in youth ministry? 
  • Networking. Why you should.
  • How do you make the flexibility of youth ministry work for you as a mom?   
  • Being real with your struggles without giving up your ministry. 
  • Dealing with loneliness or busyness and needing some help. 
  • For the guys in youth ministry who ask for tips on how to work well with women in ministry. 
  • For those wondering if it's ok to carpool with a male/female co-worker alone to frappy hour [Starbucks speak for half-priced Frappuccinos]. 
  • and more [check out a pre-release sample here]

This book is for you.  

I am pretty darn excited because you can order my book this very second for your Kindle or go retro and get it in print. I did hear it's currently out of stock on Amazon. Which is awesome.  But don't worry friends,  my publisher is quick to re-supply Amazon with more print copies for your reading enjoyment.

But let's just say you want a really cool little green army guy in your shipment... [see below] you can order straight from the Youth Cartel and get some FUN in the mail.

Read what other's are saying about this book: 

By heatherlea17 on August 19, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Few tackle the task of writing a practical book on being a woman in ministry, but Gina has succeeded! Gina talks about REAL topics in a way few are bold enough to address. She also is resourced--there's a lot of links and notes on other articles, as well as contributions from real women in ministry (like me!). I also loved the questions for reflection, and you definitely learn more about yourself as you read. Best book for women youth pastors out there--and trust me, I've looked!
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By Angela Douglass on August 28, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
As a mother of three girls and a volunteer in youth ministry I found this book empowering and informative. So many important observations about women's leadership not just within the church but in many areas of our lives. Thoughtful discussion questions making it a great training tool.

This book is for you if you are looking to develop your own leadership skills or to empower the girls in your life looking for their place to belong and lead in this world.
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By Lucia Faulkner on August 27, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A must have for any young woman desiring to follow her calling in the ministry! A great tool for any male leader to understand a woman's calling that God has placed in her heart. I am glad you never gave up on your heart's desire to follow God's will for you!


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