What's on Your Desk?

I like seeing what's on other people's desks. Especially other youth pastors. Is that weird? It's fun to see what projects your are working on that I am probably also tackling or to get a little sneak peek into the every day ministry life of someone else. So here is what's on my desk:

1) A flyer from Cedarville LEADership conference. My colleague Kyle, put it on my desk to be funny. I think he read my book or at least remembered my rant about Cedarville not allowing women to teach the Bible to male students.  See more info HERE about that.  I wrote about it in my book too. Here is what he wrote on the sticky note: "Want to go and sell your book here? Could be fun!" I did laugh out loud when I read that.

2) A compostable cup. That's what we use in the office. Compostable stuff. Yup. We are cool that way. Coffee cups, coffee lids, coffee sleeves, coffee stirrers and water cups...all compostable. Ignore the contraband plastic water bottle that made it's way onto my desk. Around here, God is Green and I think that's pretty awesome.

3) An email.  I printed it out because I was headed to a meeting and didn't want to bring my computer. Andy, our mobilization pastor is speaking to our middle schoolers in a couple of weeks. We want our middle schoolers to learn more about teen homelessness and ways they can identify needs and be a part of bringing help and hope to those who might be in a tough situation right now. I wrote down a few notes to remember on the email. You can read more about that here. 

4). Church keys.  Don't lose those. I am always forgetting which one goes to which door. I need color coded tags on them! I had requested a new key for opening an outside door next to the YMCA our church is attached to.  I need to easily get from here [church] to the Y without walking all the way around a huge campus come winter.  I am hoping to make some use of the YMCA we share a campus with. It's just right there beckoning me to exercise before or after work.

So that's what's on my desk. What's on yours? Link up! Post below a link to your post sharing about what's on your desk this week in youth ministry.


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