The Stitch Fixed Student Pastor #2


I don't have a good sense of style. Same with crafts, scrapbooking, interior design or card making. I can't come up with anything cute and STYLE related on my own and have to CASE stuff all of the time [Copy And Share Everything]. That's why I LOVE Pinterest for all things style/design related. And why I adore STITCH FIX. Like I mentioned before [see my first post here], One of my co-workers at church subscribed to this personal styling service called Stitch Fix.  Have you heard of it? It's amazing.  Stitch Fix is an expert styling service that is truly personalized for you.

What I love the most? Getting sent things set to me that are inspired from my Pinterest board. Want to try a fix? Fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and stylists handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories to send you. Send back what you don't like [or can't afford!] Getting a box is like Christmas. So much fun! Without Stitch Fix, I'd probably be dressing like my grandma. And she is cute and everything, but ya know I want to dress my age, not hers. 

 My Stitch Fix #2 [Here is What I Got in this Fix]:

  • MYSTREE #2796-932
  • Skylar Asymmetrical Knit Zip Up Jacket — $78.00

I liked this a lot, but sent it back. This month we can't splurge on a lot, since it's Christmas and Tim is still only subbing. So Christmas break for him = no paycheck.
 So got to keep it thrifty this month. 

  • KUT FROM THE KLOTH #2544-796
  • Aberdine Ankle Length Straight Leg Jean — $78.00
This was my favorite from this box and totally regret not keeping these jeans.
They were magical. The fit was amazing. But again, got to keep it thrifty this month. 

  • SKIES ARE BLUE #2545-056
  • Maia Embroidered Cotton Knit Top — $58.00

 This was my favorite [semi affordable top w/ my styling fee discount] I kept it.
Such a cute top paired with dark denim jeans and boots.
When I wore it,  my pal Megan said "you look so put together." 
  • OLIVE & OAK #2544-613
  • Kanani Chevron Pattern Sweater — $68.00

This was cute...but not the most flattering for my body type.
Just wasn't in love with it for the price.
Because I was limiting myself to only one item this time, I sent this back. 

  • BRIXON IVY #2899-799
  • Peggy Embellished Collar Sweater — $68.00

I didn't love this. Just not my style. Probably a good one to keep for work,
but not for $68 and the beading on it doesn't look like it would hold up for me.
I need clothes I can throw in the wash.



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