Menu Plan Monday is BACK

This year I resolve to cook, and cook a little more Colombian. Even as much as I love the convenience of Schwan’s and Costco premade meals, one goal I have for 2015 is to get back to cooking actual meals.  I was kicked in the butt by a video I recently watched called “nutrition to nurture” by Leanne Ely.  The holidays have me missing my Colombian mama and grandmami a ton too. Especially their cooking. Since moving to Michigan, I don’t see these ladies as much as I used to. My grandma used to bring me home cooked Colombian food once a week...awesome, right!? I miss her food so much! 

Now that I am FAR away from where I grew up in San Diego [where my Colombian family settled back in the 70's], I’ve discovered that cooking Colombian food makes me feel a little closer to home! Plus I think it’s super important for my kids to experience food from their heritage. To learn more about where they come from. I researched some Colombian and Latin American inspired recipes and added them to my menu plan.

I am super motivated to get back to menu planning and providing “real” food for dinner. This past week [it helped I had a week off work!]  I made a menu and went grocery shopping. Three grocery carts later... I had all I needed to cook yummy meals for my family. Seriously...I had to check out, pay, load my stuff in the car only to turn right around to finish my shopping!  

Menu Plan for This Week [with links to the recipes]:


Simple Colombian Beans, White Rice and Fried Plantains



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