The Stitch Fixed Student Pastor #3

I probably shouldn't have kept ALL of these items, but I have a few referral credits [thanks friends!!]. With the Styling Fee Credit, and the keep all 20% discount... the price wasn't terrible. And it's what I wanted for Christmas. Thanks Tim! I just love these hand picked boxes of clothes from Stitch Fix. 

Missy, my pal at work and I both enjoy getting Stitch Fix boxes shipped to the office and opening them up together. When we come to work wearing SF clothes, we nod and smile like we are in some secret club.  It's fun! And it keeps us from having to shop and try on clothes in a store [who has time for that!?] Plus we can send back what doesn't fit [or can't afford!]. If there is something tooooo dang pricey that I love, I just take a picture of it and keep the style card.  Most of the time I can find something similar at Target or Old Navy if I really want to brave an actual store.  At least I have an idea of what looks good on me, what's "on trend," and how the heck to wear it...because you can keep the style cards even if you don't keep the clothes. 

Want to see what came in my box? Here ya go...

Market and Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan 
What I love: Comfortable, soft, flattering. Love wearing it zipped or open and flowing. Goes with so many of my clothes!

Hawthorn Zappo Printed Mixed Material Sweater
What I love: This is my FAVORITE of all time blouse. It's flattering. It has some color. It looks really great with my orange"ish" skinny jeans or with blue jeans and brown boots. I get so many compliments when I wear this. 

Dominique Ombre Cable Knit Infinity Scarf
What I love: This goes with SO MANY of my other clothes in these colors and pairs really well with the Alec Split Neck Mixed Material Blouse I got in this FIX. 

Amour Vert Alec Split Neck Mixed Material Blouse

Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean

These are the most comfortable skinny jeans I've ever owned. They are flattering and go with everything. I don't own any black jeans or black pants of any kind...so I asked my stylist for some black skinny jeans and these are the ones she picked out for me. I really like them a lot. I wear them often. I am a short woman and can rarely find jeans that aren't too long for me...and I am not the skinniest person either...so having pants that are not too long and that are super comfortable [and flattering!] is wonderful. Worth every stinkin penny. 

hey! Wanna try it out? If you use my referral link, I earn a $25 Stitch Fix credit which makes me smile from ear to ear and helps me afford these fun fixes! 


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