A Weekly Strategy for Your Ministry Priorities

Weeks come and go.  Before you know it...it’s winter camp. It’s summer camp. It’s parent night. It’s time to recruit small group leaders. It’s all too easy for a youth ministry calendar year to fly right on by! It's June and oops you discover that you were never really strategically growing, prioritizing and developing your youth ministry. You wanted to partner with parents, but then realized you never actually did that. You wanted to recruit more volunteer leaders, but it didn’t happen like you were hoping. You had some kick butt leader training ideas, but you never ordered the books or scheduled the meetings.

How do you set yourself up to maximize the normal rhythm of your week to set up a strategy that works? You can accomplish your ministry goals  and set yourself up for success. Here are a few tips:

First...know you can’t rock everything! You are not going to have the best outreach programs, mission trips, campus clubs, parenting classes, teen mom support group, student leadership team, sports clubs [you get the picture] etc. in town. You can’t rock everything all of the time. But you can rock a few things. You can get better at focusing in on and developing your top ministry priorites.
Here are my top priorities for this year:

Recruiting [SGL and SGL coaches]
Training  [SGL and SGL coaches]
Developing [Small Group and Large Group Program]
and not being boring!

My Youth Ministry Priorities 

I filter most of what comes at me through those priorities. I do have other things I am responsible for and care about too...but they tend to happen on their own and need a lot less “strategy” to make it happen, because they have to happen. Ya know the winter camp, summer camps, etc....

Second, make a strategy board.  As I share my weekly strategy with you, keep in mind that it may not make sense to you. They are MY basic cues and reminders designed around MY ministry priorities. What are your ministry priorities?  Design with those in mind! 

Here is a peek at my basic weekly strategy:

Monday- SG* and LG program eval
                SGL- how did it go?
                Finalize large group flow sheet for the following week

Tuesday- SG, LG, SGL and FL Social media schedule
                SG- discussion sheet prep [we call them cue sheets]
                LG teaching prep

Wednesday- Connect with FL/Parents
                     Parent email
                     FL email
                     Finish LG and SG Prep

Thursday- Update App w/ Cue sheet
                  Final Sunday Prep
                  Connect with SGL

Friday- Off

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Large Group/Small Group program

Third- Check out my new most favorite thing. Lead Small Weekly . When this Weekly App came out I felt like someone read my brain, looked at my calendar, looked at my Wunderlist , and saw all my Basecamp projects to create the brain child that is Lead Small Weekly!!! SO genius. Check it out. If creating a weekly [and monthly/yearly] strategy is new to you...this is the PERFECT place to start. I think you will fall in love with it.

*What does everything mean? 
SG = Small Group
SGL= Small Group Leader
LG= Large Group
FL= Family Leader = Small Group Leader Coach


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