Too Old for Youth Ministry?

Living in Michigan, I hear a lot of people complain about the snow or look at me with crazy eyes because I chose to move here from sunny California. I am not a grumpy winter complainer. I don’t complain about the cold, the snow, or the temperature that is too crazy cold to take kids to play outside. I am not sure why, but I love winter. Maybe it’s because I like actually being able to wear scarves, cute boots, and cardigans 7 months out of the year.

I love winter because I like change. I like something new and different coming at me. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in San Diego my entire life up until 15 months ago and winter is still a novelty. When it comes down to it, I love variety. As a woman in youth ministry, I need variety too!

Variety is exactly why I am excited for the Woman in Youth Ministry Campference. Not because I am often outnumbered by men in ministry talking too much about basketball, but because I don’t get much (if any) intentional time with women who do what I do, from a variety of denominations, experiences, ages, and stages. I need to widen the circle of women I know in youth ministry to serve with, to advocate for, to befriend, to encourage, to learn from, to be challenged by.

I need to be at WYMC because I need you. And you need me. Here is why...

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