What's On Your Desk?

I am always curious to see what other youth pastors are working on. We in the youth pastor tribe tend to have similar rhythms to our week and similar priorities we focus on. Let me tell you about 4 things that are on my desk…

what's on your desk.jpg

1. Hurt 2.0 by Chap Clark 
We have a pretty intentional volunteer development training arc here. Some really smart and passionate people developed it. As part of our training arc, our student ministry focuses on one particular youth ministry author each school year.  We use their book and research as a resource to train our team all year long. In the spring we have been blessed to be able to host a Collaborative, a day where that particular youth ministry expert comes in and spends an entire Saturday with our team and volunteers. We’ve had Andy Root, Kenda Creasy Dean, Scot McKnight, Kara Powell, and this year Chap Clark. Yup...I am one lucky girl to work here! I love being able to rub shoulders and have conversations with such high caliber youth ministry people. 

This year we’ve been working our way through Hurt 2.0. Oh my gosh...my book has been highlighted, underlined and marked all over. My book is a mess, because I just love this book. Chap was with us this past weekend and he really inspired us to step into the world of hurting teens, without expecting anything in return. Look up #MHSCollab15 on twitter if you want to peek in on that conversation. 

2. Birthdays...there are always Birthdays.
I sent off the first half of March, and am working my way through the rest of my March birthdays. I send Birthday love [a coupon for a candy bar] to all of the middle schoolers in our church community, even if they’ve never stepped foot into youth group. It’s a great way to connect just a bit with them and who doesn’t love Birthday mail? OF COURSE I also send Birthday cards to all of my small group leaders, because they are the true ROCK STARS of our student ministry.

3. Wunderlist- It’s where I put down every single To-Do item that pops up on my calendar, my Basecamp, my brain, etc…It’s the best to-do list I’ve ever used and it syncs with my smart phone too. Here is a little peek at my to-do list:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.08.39 AM.png

4. My 20Liters Water Bottle- We are a church working towards measurable change among the oppressed. And that explains our ongoing work with 20 Liters. We are a church that seeks to be good stewards of the environment too. So...we frown down on plastic water bottles and bring our own grocery bags to the grocery store, among many other sustainable practices I am still trying to master in my own life. Why is it so hard to remember those reusable canvas grocery bags? And why are they always covered in dog hair?
So that is a little sneak peak of what’s on my desk, and what I am working on this week. Share yours!


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