Help Small Group Leaders Connect with Parents

  1. Remind small group leaders that they just might be the ONLY personal connection between the parent and your church. Especially in large church settings or when students come from families that are not involved in a faith community. Small Group leaders, if you are not connecting with parents, there is a good chance no one else from church is either. You are often the bridge between them and the church.
  2. Encourage your leaders to Create a Private Facebook Group for Parents. Your students are likely not using Facebook, but their parents are! Encourage small group leaders to use Facebook as a way to connect with parents by creating a Facebook parent group.  They can post reminders, sent up events, post encouragement, post pictures from small group events, and let parents know what is going on. The Facebook Group is a great place where SGL's can share info about the current teaching series, post fun stories, post what kids are learning, ask for prayer requests, etc. Even posting simple asks like, "hey parents anyone have an extra griddle for bacon night?" can work in your favor and get you the parent help you need with one simple post.
  3. They can always Group Text- So what if all of your students don’t have cell phones [yet]? Tell Small Group Leaders to stop using that excuse. SGL's can send group texts to students and include parents. Ok leaders, your small group may not all have phones, but they most likely all have parents. You don’t have to make awkward phone calls. Come on it's so easy to shoot out a text once a week instead. My son’s small group leaders do this and I LOVE it. I know my kid’s small group leader is communicating with him, because I get the group text too. I always know what's up.
  4. Donut ya want to meet the parents? Tell your students where they will find you at church on a Sunday morning. Tell them you have donuts. If they bring their parents to meet you, you will lavish delicious donuts upon them and their parents.
  5. Tell your introverts about SLYDIAL. http://www.slydial.com/ You get the AWESOME personal connection of your actual voice without having to actually talk to someone. You can use slydial to get straight to a parent's voicemail. Because leaving a voicemail is better than wimping out and never calling ANY of your student’s parents all year long! 

6. Text event pictures to parents. Frisbee golfing? Go-Karting with your small group? Take a  
picture of students mastering the track, or making a hole in one and text it to their parents. 
Parents love seeing what their kids are up to and always welcome a pic of them. It’s such an  
easy and positive way to connect with parents.

Need more ideas? Check out this podcast from YM Answers There are some REALLY great  
ideas on here.


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