The Stitch Fixed Student Pastor #6

Because I have no sense of style. Because I can never find jeans that fit this short woman just right. Because I hate the mall. Seriously I just went to the mall to see Pitch Perfect 2 with some of my youth ministry volunteers and I had to admit I'd only been to the mall 3 times since moving to Michigan. For reals. just 3 times. And twice was to see a movie. I am not a fan of malls. I could browse Target with a latte in hand forever, but the mall, not so much. When it came to clothes, there came a point when this working mommy in my late 30's needed some grown up clothes. I needed some style. So Stitch Fix to the rescue.

Wanna see my latest fix? Here is what I kept this time around. I only kept 2, but I totally would have kept it ALL if I had more dinero $.


  • LIVERPOOL #5669-818
  • Nik Skinny Jean $78.00

  • 41HAWTHORN #5695-897
  • Rosa Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse
  • $58.00


  • OCTAVIA #4420-040
  • Solange Multi Dot Scarf
  • $28.00

  • Cute scarf but it was a TON of fabric 

  • MARKET & SPRUCE #5672-296
  • Colibri Paisley Print Sleeveless Top
  • $44.00
  • I sent this one back to keep it thrifty, but then my mom got it in her fix and gifted it to me for Mother's Day. Thanks Mom!

  • The Liverpool Skinny Jeans I kept w/ the Colibri Paisley Print I sent back
    and the Mallory Ruffle Back Open Cardigan I sent back
  • COLOURWORKS #5659-052
  • Mallory Ruffle Back Open Cardigan $68.00
  • I sent this cardigan back. I am not a fan of a ruffle back. I loved the front, but not for $68. 

Styling Fee
- $20.00 [credit]

Want to try Stitch Fix? Use this link and I will do a happy dance. Schedule your first fix and I get a little referral credit to help enable my Stitch Fix addiction!


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