My favorite App for Youth Min

I love when I get to write about the stuff I love. Here is a sneak peek at something I wrote for GoWeekly.com:

… AKA that time a small group leader showed me what was on his phone.
All of my 8th grade small group leaders were sitting in the living room of one of my small group coach’s homes eating burritos and talking. First we talked about how many of them don’t read their weekly emails from me. I didn’t even have to ask. I just knew by the blank look on their face or listening to their questions about things they would have known if they had read the email. And then it happened. Zach, one of the 8th grade guy SGL’s whipped out his phone.
Head on over to GoWeekly.com to read the rest of this post about one of my FAVORITE resources for youth ministry.  It's the Weekly App, and I think you will LOVE it. Let me know what you think. 


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