My go to Sunday bag

Do you have a Sunday bag? I sure do and I LOVE it so much. All you need for a functional Sunday bag for all ya YM Women is this $3 keeper from the Target dollar spot. I love this thrifty little bag. Of course you could buy a more expensive and cute bag from Thirty-One but come on...I am on a youth pastor budget. This is the bag I take with me every Sunday for all my youth pastor gear. Here is what I keep in it:

1. Candy in an Ipsy bag- Hello Middle Schoolers. If 7th/8th graders say hey to me on a Sunday in big church [we call it the Shed] and introduce me to their parents, I lavish candy upon them. Cuz I am cool that way.

2.  The latest and greatest youth group calendars and event flyers are ALWAYS with me to hand out to unsuspecting middle schoolers and parents.

3. My Bible- Geeze. It's church. Of course I come equipped. I also have the NIV First Century study Bible in digital format on my iphone from ibooks because it's too heavy to carry with me.

4. Colorful pens and a pretty Zebra notebook I also found at Target. It makes sermon note taking really fun.

5. My church keys attached to a Tile, because I don't want to be held responsible for loosing them and it makes it much easier for me to get into the Student Room and staff office area.  And I had no idea my keys were so dirty until I took this picture.  Do you have a Tile? It's awesome. And it's saved my butt a couple of times.  I can send a "buzz" to it when I can't find my keys. I can usually find them buried under something like laundry or piles of mail or dropped in my car WAY under the seat.


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