Small Group Seating and Kick-Off

We just kicked off a new school year around here in our student ministry. It’s seriously my most FAVORITE and BUSIEST time of year. Small group launch every September is a crazy inducing combo of all out love with some stress sprinkled on top. Kind of like planning a wedding maybe? This year we moved our middle schoolers to a new room and needed to rethink seating and revamp the ministry environment.

Here is what I’ve been working on this past week...

  • Bought Big Joe Bean bag chairs from Walmart.com. They are waterproof, stain resistant and the most durable ones I’ve found yet. The plus side is students can take them into their small group spaces as well. We moved all of our high school, Fifty6 and 7/8 small groups to the same time slot on Sunday nights which has created a sort of space crisis. Where to put everyone? With small groups meeting in random nooks, hallways, in front of soda machines, etc....the bean bags = AWESOME and instant small group spaces. Just make a circle.

  • Assembled Small Group Leader Boxes....to stash this week’s attendance roster, small group discussion guide, leader name tag and any prop or handout I have for leaders to use during small group.  

  • I made a “here’s what you need to know” video for my leaders to watch in preparation for week one of small groups.  Because really who reads email these days? A quick video is an easy way to communicate info to your leaders. 

So that’s what I’ve been working on. How about you?


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