Small Group Leader Goals

How do I keep Small Group leaders inspired and equipped to win every week with their few?
One of the tools [ok if you know me at all...you've already heard me gush about this] to keep me on track and #winning in creating a small group culture is my GoWeekly Subscription from Orange. It's my new best friend in ministry. Every season [fall, winter, spring, summer] Go Weekly releases customizable SGL goals and Connection ideas. Because I am not one to hand out a lonely piece of paper, I am packaging up this bad boy of goal awesomeness in a seasonal mug from the dollar store with some fall themed candy tossed inside.  Each season my leaders will get a seasonal treat packaged together with their Seasonal Goals and Connection Idea sheet. Cuz I love me some creative ways to give my leaders stuff from the dollar store.

What are the goals?

  • They are 5 seasonal goals [printed on half a sheet] that coincide with the 5 Lead Small Principles
  • They are customizable....every church speaks a different language. Maybe you call your Small Group leaders D-Group leaders, Life Group leaders, or Big Hero 6. You can customize this to fit your lingo and edit the goals for your context. 
  • The fall goals include things like getting cozy with your ministry's policies, connecting with parents, planning an event with their group, etc... Every season the goals change to accommodate what typically happens in church world that time of year in a small group setting. 
  • The goals are written by people who actually lead [and not just research from a far] Small Group Leaders in a church setting. It's like they can read your mind. 
  • The graphic design is done for you. They look awesome and you don't have to figure out Adobe InDesign or Photoshop 

What are the connection ideas? 

  • Connection ideas are creative seasonal ideas to equip and inspire small group leaders to better connect with students. 
  • Each seasonal edition of Small Group Connection Ideas are filled with tips for how to connect with students both within and outside of small group. 
  • Ideas such as "in small group try this variation of a game..." and other get to know you tips and tricks. 
  • Outside of small group ideas such as... "celebrate a random holiday like Talk Like a Pirate Day" or "how to Ding Dong Ditch without getting in trouble" [you'll have to try GoWeekly for yourself to see how]. 
  • These ideas are also written by people who spend time connecting with students every week and are in the trenches of ministry with you. Not some person sitting alone in a cubicle, seminary classroom,  or office disconnected from every day life with students. 
  • Again...they look amazing. Everyone will think you hired a graphic designer to make these. 
Seasonal SGL Goals and Connection Ideas are at your fingertips with a GoWeekly Subscription. Give it a try!

A fun little video I made telling my people about their goals. And other stuff. I make a 2 minute video every week with tips, tricks, and small group reminders for all those people who don't read my emails and post it to our small group leaders private Facebook group. 


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