Small Group Leader Goals- Moving Them to What's Next

Goals. I've achieved my lifelong goal of living within walking distance of both Starbucks and Target. Yup. Happiness achieved. As I was strolling through Target with my Starbucks macchiato in hand, I noticed bikinis next to snow shovels. Yup. Cuz that's SO what I wear to shovel my driveway. Ok, maybe only in my husband's dreams. But what I do love about the retail life, is that they have mastered the art of thinking ahead to the next season. They know the rhythm of the calendar and are always strategically moving people to what's next.

I've adopted that model in my ministry life too and SO CAN YOU. Constantly looking, preparing, dreaming, rethinking, praying, and moving people towards what's next. That's why I LOVE living where there are distinct seasons. Snow days. Spring flowers. Lazy summers and fall Colors. A constant reminder of God's consistency paired together with predictable change you can totally plan ahead for. There is also a predictable rhythm of ministry seasons on my calendar, [and probably your's] too. That's why I am also a HUGE FAN, cheerleader and contributor to GoWeekly from Orange. If you know me at all, you know I am always Orange CRUSHING. I love- love- love- their stuff, especially Go Weekly to help me keep Leading Small. It's as though someone looked at my ministry year and handed me EVERYTHING I need to better equip & influence my small group leaders and parents every week through the ministry year. 

Every season, whether it be bikini season or snow shovel season or pumpkin spice latte and scarves season, I am totally ready with the resources, to-do's and cues I need. Just this January I gave my small group leaders a treat packaged together with a brand spanking new set of Small Group Leader Winter Goals for them to focus on. See the fun pic below? I do this EVERY SEASON. Did you see my Fall ones? You can peek at that bad boy HERE. I am able to download and customize from GoWeekly, a new set of goals to help SGL's Lead Small. Every Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. And because I am not a fan of boring, I always find a cute and creative way to get these seasonal goals into the hands of my SGL's. Check out my Winter Goals [the goals can be found and customized on Go Weekly

My Work in Progress, Chips + Candy + Winter SGL Goals + Cute Tag 
What are your favorite seasonal things to do for SGL's? 


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