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How do you prepare to welcome, inform, and assimilate first time guests into your student ministry program? The first and most important thing is to expect and be ready for visitors. Simple things like signs directing students where to go, where to sign in, and having a team of greeters ready to say hello and assimilate guests are key to a great first-time experience. One of the ways to welcome and inform new students is to put together a 1st-time visitor packet or goody bag. Want some ideas for putting together a great first time visitor packet or guest bag? Take a peek at mine:

Here is the first-time visitor bag that I use in my student ministry. To get the goodie bag, guests fill out a basic info/registration card and I send a "thanks for visiting" card in the mail a few days later too.

Fun party bags from Party City
with the most current program calendar 

Add some [Gluten Free] Chips with a cute Tag!

Here is a close up of the program calendar and a brochure about
us. Next time I print the.element info brochure, I will take the date off the front.

The "Thanks for Visiting" brochure has a coupon inside of it for a Free Treat on the inside of it and details every possible thing that would be helpful for a visitor to know. A picture of our team [who is who], FAQ's, Lingo about the stuff we say that would be foreign to a visitor. 

A close up of the Visitor Brochure detailing info about the.element. 

Other [Gluten Free] goodies inside of my 1st time visitor treat bag
A sticker from our clean water initiative, a magnet with our ministry name, and candy of course

Hope this stirred some ideas for you as you put together guest bags and rethink how you welcome and prepare for first-time visitors to your student ministry.


  1. Muhammad Aabid Farooq7/22/2017

    I was wondering if you could add a format about it because a format in MS Word can help your visitors; Visitor Book Template


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