Simple ways to leverage Mondays in your Ministry

Does anyone love Monday? I typically roll out of bed to the sound of a 4 year old begging to play on my smartphone while eating Lucky Charms [the marshmallows anyways]. She likes shiny new technology and sugar. Preschoolers and middle schoolers. They are like the same thing. After sending the big kids off to school and dropping the littlest one off at preschool, I hit up Starbucks on my way into the church office.  A freshly brewed dark roast always makes Monday SO MUCH BETTER. Are you with me on that?

On Mondays I am more physically tired than every other day of the week and my mind occupied thinking about all the students, volunteers, and parents I just interacted with 15 hours earlier. A little bit of adrenalne kicks in because my brain does not shut off after a Sunday filled with purposeful activity.  I am in evaluation mode and fixed on improving whatever wasn't 100% in my Sunday environments. I am also looking ahead at the next 52 weeks, right? You too?

After the Orange Conference this year, I have been "Rethinking" my whole Monday. Here are a few ways I've am leveraging the beauty of Mondays in my ministry.

1. My GoWeekly subscription to assist with my post-Sunday hangover [ok not a REAL hangover people] brain fog. Go Weekly provides strategic cues, reminders, and resources do two things really well. Those two things are leading volunteers and partnering with parents. That IS the secret sauce of ministry. Empowering teams of volunteers and supporting families. Sometimes I refer to GoWeekly as my personal assistant, waiting at my desk on Monday morning with everything I need to rock my week, my month, and my year as a student pastor.

2. I get involved in the Mondays-Fridays of students lives. This year I've chosen to lock arms with Young Life and be more intentional about being on campus with students. Because if I am not in the loop of what Monday looks like for the students I serve, I am dramatically handicapped in the effectiveness of Sunday. I can't reach students or know what is really happening in their world if Sunday is the only interaction I have with them. You can't accomplish life changing ministry from behind a desk.  God is a God who is WITH US [Immanuel] and does not engage us from a distance.

Jesus was Jesus all week long, not just on Sunday. We don't have a Sunday savior, we have an everyday Immanuel. – @JonAcuff.

3. I care about the Monday of my volunteers.  I listen, I ask, I pay attention to what gets posted on social media and I make a point to PRAY for each of my volunteers by name on Mondays. I text volunteers to ask how I can be praying for them. This has been a game changer for me, because you are only as strong as your team and prayer is sometimes our most under utilized resource. Because it's not flashy. You can't show it off. You can't take attendance from it. But PRAYER is a powerful way to step into Mondays with your people.


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