Birthday cards for Small Group Leaders

One of the most simple ways to encourage small group leaders and to cultivate a Lead Small Culture  is by remembering and acknowledging their birthday. Who doesn't love a birthday? Maybe you can't Fedex a cup of coffee and slice of yummy cake to your SGL's but YOU can mail them this fun little treat. 

Coffee and Cake in an envelope: 
  • The Birthday Cake gum I picked up at Target. I love Project 7 gum because it's a brand that seeks to do good in the world. 
  • I have a stack of $5 Starbuck Cards I keep on hand for Volunteer Appreciation. 
  • Remember to add the right amount of postage. 
Need FREE and AWESOME Birthday Cards for Small Group Leaders? 

If you are looking for trendy SGL themed [and did I mention FREE?] Birthday cards to send your volunteers, I have the perfect thing for you. You can get awesome printable cards at GoWeekly from Orange. Login [you need to be a subscriber....SO WORTH every penny]. Once logged in, go to the search bar and type "birthday." You will see a link to the downloadable cards. 

Short on Time? 
  • Screen shot a birthday card graphic and text it to your favorite volunteer. 
  • Send a Starbucks digital gift card straight to their inbox. 

Need something other than Facebook to remember their Birthdays? Try this...
1. Put them on your calendar. A calendar you actually look at. 
2. Check out Birthday Reminder
3. Put them in a group [called MY Few] in the Lead Small App


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