Leveraging Mondays to Lead Small Group Leaders

Mondays can be hard. There never seems to be enough time or Coffee to go around.  My influence as a ministry leader really started to multiply when I started using GoWeekly as a tool to lead leaders. It really is one of my favorite go to resources to help manage Mondays and make the most of my week. I love the GoWeekly To-Do List that arrives in my inbox at the start of every week. I've bragged about this a ton. You really should check it out. Every Monday you get an email like this to help you lead leaders and influence parents. 

With your To-Do List in hand, you can log in to GoWeekly to get your hands on a ton of free resources to help you accomplish all the things. Goodies such as cool b-day card downloads, ready to edit and send leader and parent emails, and resources to help you lead small group leaders well. 

You also get your hands on a ton of resources and training videos filled with advice from people who do what you week in and week out. Here are a couple of videos I did with GoWeekly to help you lead small group leaders. There are more that come with your GoWeekly subscription. 

Hope they are helpful! 

disclaimer: I was not paid to write this and I don't get any financial kickbacks when you subscribe to GoWeekly. 


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